Discrimination hurts all, not just [insert commonly discriminated against group here]
I am not saying that I have faced discrimination on a daily basis like women, homosexuals and PoC have. Nor am I trying to belittle the (very justified) struggle of those groups. However, to say that they are the only groups that suffer from discrimination, or that they are the only groups against whom discrimination matters, is nothing short of stupidity and blatantly ignores facts. In my lifetime (and within the last month, even), I have been discriminated against for all of the following reasons (and more):

- my faith
- my physical appearance
- my combination of race and gender
- my neurological condition (Aspergers)
- my psychological condition (severe social anxiety)
- my intellect (the stereotype of nerds being bullied exists for a reason...)

Since so many people seem to believe the misconception that white males never go through any problems in life, I'm going to use an example that has happened on several occasions just within the last month:

I have been in numerous conversations with a variety of people on the subject of bullying and discrimination in our society (with a particular focus on school life). In many of these conversations there has come a time where the individuals involved have shared their own experiences of being ostracised. During both primary and high school, due to a mix of my Aspergers, my intellect and my introversion, I was the target of intense bullying and didn't have a single friend as a result of it. This experience, which lasted for several years, left me with severe social anxiety, depression (which included a couple of near suicides) and an inability to trust people, all of which I still battle to this day. Upon sharing this back-story in the conversations about bully, I have been told on several occasions that, despite it not being the reason for my struggles, as I am a white male my experiences of being discriminated against and ostracised were either not real or not valid, and that by simply claiming to have been discriminated against I was insulting and devaluing the struggles of women and homosexuals.

Yes, women, homosexuals and ethnic minorities are (by far) the most widely discriminated against groups in western society, and by all means campaign for equality because it is a brilliant cause. But my plea is this: don't ever act like you are the only people on this earth to have been ostracised, and don't try to tackle discrimination with counter-discrimination (eg saying that something controlled by a group of males is evil, but something controlled by a group of females is fine) because it doesn't help anybody.

And above all: don't EVER say that it is impossible for someone to have struggled if they aren't from one of those groups, because you have no idea what they may have been through. Equality isn't only for women, homosexuals and ethnic minorities. Equality is for everyone who has ever been discriminated against for things that are out of their control and, yes, even for the very small handful of people who haven't

Game of Thrones Season 4 Predictions:
Unlike previous iterations of my predictions, I am going to do this on a storyline by storyline basis, instead of an episode by episode basis. Mainly because I am just can't be bothered to put it together scene by scene again :P.

Warning: My predictions will contain heavy book spoilers. Read at your own risk.

EDIT: As the season is finally upon us, I will be reviewing how I went at predictions what happened.
Bold text -
correct prediction
Italic text - kind of correct prediction
Underlined text - correct prediction but incorrect episode
Stiked text - incorrect prediction
Regular text - we haven't gotten to that episode yet OR the scene hasn't happened, but still could in another episode
[Long Post]
NOTE: My pacing for some storylines (especially Jon and Theon) are almost certainly incorrect.

4x01 - Absent
4x02 - Bran and co are lost beyond the Wall and are running low on food. They come across a weirwood tree, but when Bran touches it he wargs into it and sees the Three-Eyed Raven. Unlike in previous encounters, the raven speaks to Bran.
4x03 - The situation is growing more dire, and they decide they must find shelter soon
4x04 - Rast leaves a baby in the snow as an offering to the White Walkers. On his way back to Craster's Keep he is spotted Bran and co. Noting his black cloak, they decide to follow him at a distance. Upon entering Craster's Keep they find the mutineers abusing and raping Craster's daughter-wives. Noticing the intruders, the mutineers quickly apprehend Bran and co. Bran reveals their identities so that the mutineers spare their live. Rast and Karl agree that they can be used as bargaining chips if need be.
4x05 - Bran and co quietly discuss escaping, but aren't able to think of a plan that would work. See 'Jon/Night's Watch'. After all of the mutineers rush out to fight Jon's Watchmen, Bran an co are able to escape (probably with the help of Bran warging into Summer).
4x06 - Absent
4x07 - Bran and co continue on their path North
4x08 - Absent
4x09 - Absent
4x10 - The group nears the cave of the Three-Eyed Raven. As they approach it, however, they are ambushed by wights and White Walkers. Bran wargs into Hodor to help Meera fight them off, while Jojen drags Bran's body into the cave. During the fight some children of the forest come out of the cave to help Bran and co. Inside the cave Bran returns to his body, and a child of the forest leads him and Jojen further into the cave. Bran is finally brought before the Three-Eyed Raven - An old, skeletal man who has become entwined with the roots of a weirwood tree.

Jon/Night's Watch:
4x01 - Jon wakes up in Castle Black after some time and Sam updates him on everything that has happened. Alliser Thorne, who is acting as Lord Commander, and Janos Slynt accuse Jon of being a traitor and an oathbreaker.
4x02 - Absent
4x03 - Jon suggests an expedition to avenge the Old Bear. He argues that the mutineers should be brought to justice before they have a chance to form an alliance with Mance and give him sensitive information about the watch. Sam, meanwhile, rides south to Mole's Town with Gilly and her baby and leaves her in the care of the people there. He tells her that Castle Black isn't safe for the time being.
4x04 - Jon tries to find volunteers for the expedition among the Watchmen. He only manages to find a small number that support his plan. They promptly depart. There is also foreshadowing for the need to elect a new Lord Commander.
4x05 - Jon and his group arrive at Craster's Keep and a battle ensues. Jon duals Karl in the fight, and the Watchmen manage to defeat the mutineers. A small funeral service is held for Jeor and they leave to return to the Wall. News reaches Castle Black about the attack on Mole's Town and Sam is absolutely devastated. Meanwhile, the first round of voting for the new Lord Commander takes place. There is no clear winner between Alliser Thorne, Cotter Pyke and Janos Slynt, but Slynt is in the lead. Despite the result Alliser continues assuming the role of acting Lord Commander until a new one is elected.
4x06 - Absent
4x07 - Jon and his group return to Castle Black only to find Alliser still Lord Commander. He and Janos still think Jon is a traitor, and are disappointed that he has returned alive.
4x08 - Final preparations are being made for the impending assault by Mance Rayder. Locke arrives at the Wall and, upon seeing the way that Janos and Alliser are treating him, chooses to befriend Jon.
4x09 - The Wildlings launch their initial assault on the Wall, and a Watchman blows his horn twice. Alliser gives a pre-battle speech to the Watch and leads the men in North of the Wall to meet Mance's forces and prevent them from getting control of the gate. During the fight Grenn is killed by a giant, but the initial Wildling assault is repelled. The Night's Watch forces retreat back south of the Wall to prepare for the next assault. However, when they get back south they find that Tormund and his forces have already launched their attack on the castle. Sam is with some other Watchmen using bow and arrow from the top of a one of the buildings, while Jon and Alliser fight them on the ground. Jon fights Styr in the battle, and manages to kill him. Alliser, meanwhile, finds himself facing Tormund. The battle continues for some time  and there is a close encounter between Jon and Ygritte, but the Wildlings eventually get to the gate and are forced to retreat North of the Wall. See 'Ygritte/Wildlings' for the rest.
4x10 - Stannis lets any Wildlings that swear allegiance to him south of the Wall while the Watch takes stock of their losses. He also orders the Watch to hurry and elect a new Lord Commander. Jon is burning Ygritte's corpse on a pyre when Melisandre and Stannis come up and start talking to him. Stannis says that he has heard of Jon's actions against the Wildlings, as well as his heritage, and offers to legitimise Jon and name him Lord of Winterfell. Jon asks for time to consider the offer and Stannis agrees. The conversation ends with Melisandre saying "You know nothing, Jon Snow.". Men from the Shadow Tower and Eastwatch arrive and the election begins. There is no clear winner after the first round, but Janos has a sizeable lead. Sam puts Jon's name forward and he wins the second round and is named Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.

4x01 - Absent
4x02 - Tormund has a scene with Ygritte where they discuss Jon. They plan to go on with their attack. Meanwhile Mance has a scene with Styr and a Thenn warg (Joseph Gatt) - who I shall call Varamyr because Varamyr - where they discuss their planned assault. They are interrupted by Orell's eagle, and Varamyr is able to learn through warging into it that Jon has betrayed them. Mance decides that, to go on with the assault as planned, Tormund's group must receive reinforcements so he orders Styr to go south with his best men and join with Tormund.
4x03 - Absent
4x04 - Tormund's group arrives at Mole's town and they proceed to pillage it. A child (Brenock O'Connor) manages to escape and flee North. We get a Mance and Varamyr scene where they plan their assault in greater detail.
4x05 - As Tormund's group approaches Castle Black Styr's group arrives and stops them. Styr explains that they are not to go ahead with the planned sneak attack on Castle Black as Jon's betrayal has ruined that plan. They are instead to camp beneath the Wall and wait for the battle to start from the North, with Orell's eagle soaring above the Wall being the signal to attack. Styr also ridicules Tormund heavily in the scene.
4x06 - Absent
4x07 - We get another short Tormund-Ygritte scene where they discuss what she plans to do if she faces Jon in battle.
4x08 - Towards the end of the episode Mance's force arrives at the Wall and he and Varamyr prepare for battle. Tormund, Styr and Ygritte see Orell's eagle above the Wall and start heading towards Castle Black.
4x09 - Tormund, Ygritte and Styr are waiting near Castle Black when they hear the horns blow and the battle start. They charge on Castle Black (See 'Jon/Night's Watch'). After retreating back north of the Wall, Tormund and Ygritte meet with Mance and discuss the situation. They conclude that they have no choice but to continue the assault from the North. Tormund leaves the tent to lead another assault, and Ygritte talks to Mance about Jon. The conversation and Tormund's assault are intercut with Jon leading from the top of the Wall. The battle dies down and Jon rides out to treat with Mance. Tormund greats him angrily but at the same time has a level of respect for him. Jon is shown into Mance's tent where they discuss terms. Mance explains that he doesn't want to destroy the Watch or pillage the south, but rather to use the Wall as a shield to protect his people from the White Walkers. He then shows Jon the Horn of Winter, and explains that if he needs to, he is willing to blow the horn and bring down the Wall if it means saving his people. Just as it appears that they will agree on terms, warhorns are heard from the woods. Jon and Mance leave the tent to see an army approaching, as well as the Watchmen streaming out from the broken gate. At first they think that the men from Eastwatch by the Sea have arrived, but it is quickly revealed that it is Stannis and his forces. See 'Stannis' for the rest.
4x10 - Absent

4x01 - Absent
4x02 - Melisandre sacrifices three people to the Red God in the hopes of providing favourable winds for the trip north. Davos confronts Stannis afterwards about it, but Stannis dismisses him saying that he was lucky not to lose his head.
4x03 - We get some scenes between Melisandre, Shireen and Selyse. Meanwhile, Davos and Stannis meet with Salladhor Saan to get the use of his ships.
4x04 - Stannis and co leave Dragonstone.
4x05 - Absent
4x06 - Stannis and co arrive at Braavos. He and Davos meet with Tycho Nestoris and other members of the Iron Bank to discuss loans and debts. When Stannis reveals that he is going North they essentially laugh him out of the room, saying that he isn't a sound investment.
4x07 - Absent
4x08 - Absent
4x09 - Stannis leads the charge with Davos by his side, and Melisandre causes Orell's eagle to combust. Mance attempts to rally his troops for battle to no avail, as they are too exhausted and the sudden appearance of Stannis' forces break their morale. Jon, who is quick to realise that Janos intends for Jon to be killed, quickly joins the Watchmen and takes part in the fight. Despite their best efforts, the Wildlings are crushed, Mance is captured and Tormund and Varamyr are forced to flee. Jon finds Ygritte dying in the snow, and they have their last moment together. Ygritte dies in Jon's arms as everyone around them chants "Stannis!"
4x10 - See 'Jon/Night's Watch'

4x01 - Absent
4x02 - Ramsay, Myranda and Reek hunt a naked woman through the woods. They torture and kill her, and it is clear throughout the scene that Theon is completely broken.
4x03 - We get a Ramsay-Myranda sex scene, and another scene of Ramsay taunting Theon (who has now been allowed to sleep with the dogs)
4x04 - Ramsay and YarAsha's forces clash at the Dreadfort. YarAsha's forces are defeated and she is forced to retreat. She mentions that they are retreating to Moat Cailin to join with her uncle Victarion's forces. Ramsay enters Theon's chamber after the battle and tells him that he is to join Ramsay in pursuing YarAsha, as he will be useful.
4x05 - Absent
4x06 - Ramsay and co lay siege to Moat Cailin. A messenger with a Bolton flag rides up from the south of Moat Cailin. He informs Ramsay that Roose and his forces are to the south and that Ramsay must clear the Ironborn out of Moat Cailin as soon as possible so that he can pass north. Ramsay approaches Reek and dresses him in his armour from season 2, saying that he is allowed to be Theon again, just for a short time, so that he can fool the Ironborn and get them to surrender. Theon enters Moat Cailin and manages to pull the plan off by promising the Ironborn that they will be pardoned. When the Ironborn enter Ramsay's camp, however, he orders them flayed. They are dragged away cursing Theon and calling him 'turncloak'. Roose rides up to Ramsay's camp and tells him that they are heading back to the Dreadfort
4x07 - They arrive at the Dreadfort and Roose tells Locke that he has a choice - 'playing' with Ramsay or taking the Black. He chooses to take the Black.
4x08 - We get a scene between Ramsay and his father where Roose dismisses Ramsay as being no more than a bastard and a failure.
4x09 - Absent
4x10 - Tywin's letter arrives and Ramsay joyfully boasts to Theon about the fact that he is now a Bolton by name, and will be wed to Arya Stark.

*I have YarAsha's and Roose's scenes under 'Others'

Sansa/the Vale:
4x01 - See 'King's Landing'
4x02 - See 'King's Landing'
4x03 - Dontos leads Sansa through the city and brings her to a ship. They find Petyr on board. He helps Sansa up but has Dontos killed, saying that death is the only way to guarantee his silence. On the ship we get a scene between Petyr and Sansa where they discuss their plans for when they get to the Vale. She is to take the name of Alayne Stone and act as his daughter.
4x04 - Petyr and Alayne arrive in the Vale, landing in the fingers. He takes her to a small keep that he explains is his birthright. He informs her that they are to wait for Lysa there.
4x05 - Lysa arrives at the Baelish keep where she warmly welcomes Alayne and Petyr. They promptly leave for the Eyrie.
4x06 - Absent
4x07 - Petyr and Lysa marry each other at the Eyrie, with Yohn Royce and Anya Waynwood in attendance. During the scene Alayne meets Robin.
4x08 - Alayne is playing with Robin in the snow, and together they build a snow castle. Robin has a fit and destroys the castle then storms off. Petyr comes up to Sansa, and after talking for some time he embraces her. We see Lysa looking on angrily.
4x09 - Absent
4x10 - Lysa summons Alayne to the throne room. Lysa accuses her of trying to steal the love of Petyr and attempts to push her through the moon door. Petyr walks in as this is happening and puts a stop to it. He then comforts Lysa and tells her that he has "only loved one woman... Only Cat". He then pushes her to her death.

4x01 - Arya and Sandor enter are heading towards the Vale in hopes of meeting with Lysa Arryn. On the way they stop by an inn, only to find Polliver and a few other Lannister soldiers inside. A fight ensues, during which Arya manages to slice Polliver's leg. She retrieves needle and kills Polliver in a way that mirrors the death of Lommy in S2. She and Sandor then escape.
4x02 - Absent
4x03 - Arya is enjoying being reunited with needle when Sandor insists that they continue on their path.
4x04 - The pair comes across a man lying on the ground, dying. They have a brief conversation with the man, then Sandor kills him in an act of mercy.
4x05 - Sandor and Arya arrive at the gate of the moon. However, they are stopped by the knight of the gate who informs them that the Vale has been closed to refugees fleeing from the war. Sandor and Arya are turned away, and forced to go back the way they came.
4x06 - A man passes them on the road and informs them that the Blackfish has returned to Riverrun and is holding the castle in the names of Houses Stark and Tully. Sandor expresses his desire to head there, but the man warns them that there are bandits on the road. When Arya replies that they have already encountered the Brotherhood Without Banners the man replies that the Brotherhood isn't the same as they apparently have a new leader who is without mercy. He then continues that to say that there are worse groups than the Brotherhood raiding the Riverlands.
4x07 - Back in the Riverlands they come across a group of rogue Lannister soldiers, lead by Rorge and Biter. Rorge instantly recognises Arya and a fight ensues. Biter is killed along with most of the Lannister men, but Sandor is critically wounded. The pair is forced to retreat but Sandor drops his helmet in the process, which Rorge picks up. Sandor collapses after some time and begs Arya to give him mercy. Arya replies that she doesn't want to kill him any more, but also doesn't believe that he deserves mercy, so she leaves abandons him.
4x08 - Arya reaches a small port village where she finds a ship headed for Braavos. She hands the captain the coin that Jaqen gave and says "Valar Morghulis". He lets her aboard.
4x09 - Absent
4x10 - The ship nears Braavos, and Arya admires the Titan in the distance.

4x01 - Brienne meets with the Tyrells ahead of the royal wedding.
4x02 - See 'King's Landing'
4x03 - See 'King's Landing'
4x04 - Jaime meets with Brienne in the White Sword Tower. He presents her with a new suit of armour and the sword Oathkeeper, and sends her out to find and protect Sansa.
4x05 - Brienne is travelling north along the Kingsroad when she notices a hooded figure following her. Later in the episode the figure reveals himself to be Podrick Payne. triPod explains that he was Tyrion's squire and is trying to find Sansa in the hopes that she may prove Tyrion innocent. Brienne agrees to let him travel with her.
4x06 - Absent
4x07 - Brienne and Pod come across the man that Sandor and Arya spoke to. He tells them that he hasn't seen anyone that matches Sansa's description, but has seen a pair that match the description of Sandor and Arya. He tells them where they were headed, and Brienne and Pod leave to pursue them.
4x08 - They find the destruction left behind after Rorge group fought with Sandor. Brienne decides that they are close and they pick up the pace.
4x09 - Absent
4x10 - Brienne and Pod are approached by a group of Lannister men... one wearing a Hound helmet (Rorge). A fight breaks out between them, and Rorge manages to slice open Brienne's face. A group from the Brotherhood Without Banners shows up during the fight and Thoros kills Rorge. They capture Brienne and Pod. After a black screen following Tyrion killing Tywin (similar to the S1 finale when the episode briefly appeared to be over when Daenerys walked into the flames), Brienne awakens on the back of a horse. Thoros leads them to their main encampment, telling Brienne that he is taking her to be judged by their leader. Brienne asks what she has done to offend Lord Beric, and Thoros replies that Beric is dead. Brienne is brought before a hooded figure, and Brienne is shocked to find that it is a revived Catelyn Stark. When Catelyn is shown Oathkeeper (with its lion hilt) she tells Brienne to choose the noose or the sword. When Brienne fails to choose Catelyn has her hanged. As Brienne and Pod are raised above the ground Brienne shouts out "Sword!"

King's Landing:
4x01 - A lot of pre-wedding scenes, including the introduction of Oberyn. Roose also arrives for the wedding.
4x02 - The episode opens with Joffrey wedding Margaery in the Great Sept of Baelor. We then get various wedding feast scenes throughout the episode with occasional cuts to other storylines (similar to the episode 'Second Sons'). Joffrey chokes to death and Sansa escapes with Dontos. Cersei orders Tyrion be arrested as she cradles Joffrey's corpse.
4x03 - We get various scenes with the fallout from Joffrey's death. Among the scenes is a meeting between Roose and Tywin to discuss how to hold the North, and the Jeyne Poole storyline is set up. Tywin also commands Roose to punish Locke for his maiming of Jaime.
4x04 - Various characters meet to discuss how to proceed, while Tyrion is visited by Podrick in prison. Tywin also arranges for Tommen to marry Margaery.
4x05 - We get some more random scenes in the city. Roose leaves the city to head North. Jaime trains with Bronn. Tommen is coronated.
4x06 - Throughout the episode we get Tyrion's trial. Shae, Cersei and Varys all testify against him. Tyrion demands a trial by combat only to be told that his champion will face Gregor Clegane
4x07 - Tyrion tries to find a champion, only for Bronn to refuse. Oberyn offers to be Tyrion's champion. Various other scenes
4x08 - There are a few scenes leading up to the trial by combat. The trial by combat takes place, Oberyn is killed and Tyrion is sentenced to death.
4x09 - Absent
4x10 - There are a few concluding scenes. Among them is a scene between Cersei and Tywin where they discuss Tyrion and the North. Tywin mentions that he has sent a letter to the Dreadfort legitimising Ramsay, and promising him Arya Stark's hand in marriage. When Cersei reminds him that Arya has been missing since her father's execution Tywin dismisses her saying that it was her blunder and that she needs to fix it. In the third last scene of the episode Jaime and Varys enter Tyrion's cell and help him escape. Before he leaves, Tyrion goes to confront Tywin. He finds Shae in Tywin's bed and kills her, then proceeds to kill Tywin on the privy.

4x01 - Daenerys decides to march towards Meereen only to find slave children dead and nailed to posts pointing the way for her. Drogon attempts to eat the corpse during the scene, and Jorah suggests that Daenerys chain her dragons.
4x02 - Daenerys and co arrive at Meereen.
4x03 - A Meereenese noble (Hizdahr zo Loraq) rides out to meet with Daenerys. They agree to have a champion from each side face off, and if Daenerys loses she must leave the city untouched. She agrees and Daario volunteers to be the champion. The duel happens and Daario wins. As Hizdahr rides away he tells Daenerys to prepare for battle. Drogon tries to eat the corpse, and again Jorah suggest chaining the dragons. Daenerys again refuses, saying that she will not chain her children.
4x04 - Daenerys plans the battle of Meereen with her advisers. After the meeting Jorah talks with Daenerys in private, and during the meeting he kisses her, much to her anger.
4x05 - Daenerys's forces take Meereen by infiltrating the city and releasing the slaves. She enters the city victorious.
4x06 - In the city Daenerys has 163 slavers executed (the number of dead slave children). She decides that she will stay and learn how to rule
4x07 - Daenerys holds court and struggles to act as ruler.
4x08 - A farmer presents the bones of his child, who has been killed by Drogon. Daenerys is shocked but doesn't act on it. Jorah goes behind her back to chain the dragons, but Drogon escapes.
4x09 - Absent
4x10 - Jorah is brought before Daenerys in chains, and she is furious that he betrayed her. She banishes him from the city.

*I don't actually believe the Jorah stuff will play out like that. I think they're more likely to have him banished for being overly jealous about Daario, to be honest. Either way, I think I am right with the general timeline of the events - duel in 4x03, taking the city in 4x05, child bones/dragon chaining in 4x08 and Jorah banishing in 4x10.

4x01 - the season opens with the Brotherhood Without Banners finding Catelyn's body floating downstream. Beric orders them to retrieve the body, as she deserves better than to be abandoned in a river. He comments on the atrocities committed by House Frey.
4x02 - Absent
4x03 - Absent
4x04 - Roose Bolton arrives at Harrenhal and informs Locke that he and his men are to return North with Roose. At Pyke we see Balon Greyjoy crossing a bridge (possibly talking to the priest from season 2). As they walk a shadowy figure pushes him off the bridge and a red ship (The Silence) is seen in the background.
4x05 - YarAsha arrives at Moat Cailin to find that Victarion has already left. A man named Ralf Kenning has been left in charge, and he informs her that news came that King Balon has died, so Victarion left to claim his brother's crown. YarAsha is furious, claiming that it is her birthright, and that even if it wasn't Euron is before him in the line of succession. Ralf is quick to remind her that Euron has been exiled for a few years, a comment that she ignores. She immediately leaves to return to Pyke.
4x06 - Absent
4x07 - Absent
4x08 - Absent
4x09 - Absent
4x10 - YarAsha returns to Pyke and immediately spots the red ship, which one of her men identifies as The Silence. YarAsha simply utters "Euron..."

Episode Title Predictions:
4x01 - The Red Viper Two Swords
4x02 - Hear Me Roar The Lion and the Rose
4x03 - Growing Strong Breaker of Chains
4x04 - Our Blades are Sharp Oathkeeper
4x05 - Breaker of Chains First of His Name
4x06 - Kingslayer The Laws of Gods and Men
4x07 - The Gift of Mercy Mockingbird
4x08 - Say Her Name The Mountain and the Viper
4x09 - Night Gathers The Watchers on the Wall
4x10 - Only a Cat of a Different Coat The Children

Episode Ending Scene Predictions:
4x01 - Daenerys finds the slave children nailed to posts pointing the way to Meereen. Arya and Sandor's fight at the inn.
4x02 - Joffrey dies in Cersei's arms, and she has Tyrion arrested.
4x03 - Daario defeats the Meereenese champion
4x04 - Balon Greyjoy falls to his death at Pyke The Night's King turns one of Craster's children into a White Walker
4x05 - Daenerys enters Meereen victorious Jon is reunited with Ghost after defeating the mutineers.
4x06 - Tyrion demands a trial by combat only to be told that his champion will face Gregor Clegane.
4x07 - Arya leaves Sandor for dead after fighting Rorge and some Lannister men. Lysa is pushed out of the moon door by Petyr.
4x08 - Oberyn Martell is killed by Gregor and Tyrion is sentenced to death.
4x09 - Jon holds a dead Ygritte while everyone around him chants "Stannis!". Jon heads north of the Wall to confront Mance Rayder.
4x10 - Brienne is hanged by a revived Catelyn Stark.

GoT/ASoIaF Theory and Prediction Links:
I have made this post so that there is a neat, centralised location to find all of the links to my predictions and theories for the upcoming seasons of Game of Thrones, and for the remaining books in the series.

NOTE: As some of my theories for TWoW have changed, and more information about Season 4 come to light, I have decided to redo my predictions from scratch. I will post them here as I complete them.


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